No matter how small or big your business,
we have a range of professional campaign
options to fulfil your siting needs

Utilising our vast industry knowledge and tele marketing skills, we offer two distinct tele-siting campaign profiles, ensuring a cost effective solution for your specific siting needs.

1. All Categories

Our most popular service. This campaign utilises our full data-base spectrum of 98 business categories and ensures a wide, varied and balanced site profile within your business. This option helps eradicate seasonal dips in your revenue stream, as experienced in holiday environments and certain industries. All categories also ensures total utilisation of your operating areas and the most efficient visit routing thereby reducing fuel costs and maximising your time. This option is by far the most economical site finding option as you only pay for the sites we acquire.

2. Target Marketing

This campaign option specifically targets or avoids the business categories the Client requests. This option is best suited to mature areas that are becoming saturated, or for fine tuning your vendor sites profile. The disadvantage of this option is the reduced number of possible available sites due to the restricted categories within your targeted areas. Due to this major limitation the amount of time, effort and skill required is much increased, and hence it is not possible to simply ‘charge by the site’ as with the all categories option. Therefore, this service is strictly billed on an hourly basis.

We will discuss your needs with you to ensure you select the option that best suit your business needs and offers the most cost effective solution.

Once your campaign has been booked, we issue you with a campaign agreement clearly outlining your requirements and other important details.

Now earn the BIGGEST PROFIT in the industry!

Unfortunately, just having a good site is not the answer to being profitable? The trouble with vending is the excessive site commission that is now regularly offered by weak siters, and paid by desperate operators.

But we have the solution for this issue too! Over 20 years ago we revolutionised the vending industry by pioneering ‘Charity Vending’. Most operators are now familiar with the concept, but briefly, instead of paying the site owner 20% or more of your gross revenue, you make a contribution to a chosen charity, with our format this is just 5% of your gross revenue, drastically increasing your profitability and providing more security against poaching!

As a VSS Client you are welcome to become a member of our famous 5% contribution scheme and label your Tower Vendors with our well known charity stickers, or alternatively keep with your existing charity scheme.

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